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Weekly Pool Service You Can Rely On

Weekly Service Includes:

  • We come each week, always on the same day.
  • We basically do everything EXCEPT keep the water level correct.  This will still be your job.
  • We vacuum, remove leaves, empty baskets, brush and balance chemicals each week.
  • We take a before and after picture of your pool, which the tech emails to you and to our office.  This enables you, as well as us, to see what was done on your pool.  Included on this report are the chemical readings and what was added to your pool.

What Service Does Not Include:

  • We do not add water.
  • We do not remove or replace solar covers.
  • We charge $45 for filter cleanings up to a maximum of two per year.  This is usually sufficient for most pools.
  • Chlorine tablets are charged for each year.  You may purchase them from us or from another source.  We do give a special price on tablets to our service customers.  The tablets are used only to get through the warmer months.  Another type of chlorine is added to your pool each week as well, year-round.    
  • A fee of $45 is charged each March for conditioner.   This is a chlorine stabilizer and helps maintain the chlorine level between our visits.  This charge covers the entire year.   
  • Repairs, special chemicals (algaecides) & parts (such as baskets) are an extra charge.  We always ask you prior to charging you for something extra such as these items.
  • All pools in the AV develop calcium on the tile due to the high wind conditions.  We are not able to remove the calcium.  But, we can refer you to someone who can.

How You Get Started:

  • First, we will ask you some simple questions about your pool.
  • We will ask you to fill out our Customer Agreement.  This is not a contract, only a disclosure.  You may end service at any time.
  • We look at all pools prior to accepting them on service.  At this time, we will check the equipment, chemistry, filter pressure and general condition of the pool.  
  • We do require the first month’s service, conditioner fee & tablet fee to start service.  After the first month, we bill in arrears, usually on the first of each month for the prior month.  

Payment Options:

  • We do accept credit cards.  You may pay your bill in person or over the phone.
  • We have an auto pay system set up to run your credit card each month.  This is optional.

What We Promise:

  • We will always try to keep you satisfied and keep your pool looking the best we can.
  • We will always return your phone call.

All of this for a low monthly fee. Give us a call! We can answer any questions you have.

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